STA 449 F5 Jupiter
STA 449 F5 Jupiter

STA 449 F5 Jupiter

This vacuum-tight STA 449 F5 Jupiter is hand built specifically for your application. Each instrument comes pre-configured as you need it, with all of the hardware and software features that are required by high-temperature applications in the fields of ceramics, metals, inorganics, building materials, etc.
The STA 449 F5 Jupiter has high resolution, a high range, low drift balance and sensitive DSC capability that enables it to excel in all typical applications across a broad range of temperatures.
True TGA and DSC measurements can be performed with high precision and reproducibility at sample temperatures from ambient to 1600°C. TGA measurements are also possible, even on large or heavy samples.
The STA 449 F5 Jupiter is a top-loading system with a balance design that has been preferred for years in laboratories. The reasons are simple: These systems combine ideal performance with easy handling.

Type:  Прибор синхронного термического анализа
Manufacturer:  NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH (Германия)
Model:  STA 449 F5 Jupiter
Place:  003, бокс 1