SNOL 8.2/1100
SNOL 8.2/1100

SNOL 8.2/1100

High accuracy laboratory electric furnaces with fiber-insulated chambers tha tare intended for hardening, loosening, normalising, and other thermal processing up to a temperature of 1100 °C or 1300 °C. The furnaces include ceramic hearth plates. To eliminate gasses or smoke that are released during thermal processing, ventilation hatches and an exhaust system may be additionally installed in the products. The furnaces are an excellent fit for scientific laboratories,educational institutions, medicine, and industry.


Number of phases: 1
Rated temperature:  1100 °C
Working chamber surroundings: air
Heat–up time (without charge): min 50
Furnace temperature stability: 2 °C
Furnace temperature uniformity: 10 °C

Type:  Muffle furnace
Manufacturer:  AB "Umega", Lithuania
Model:  SNOL 8.2/1100
Place:  023