Sigma 3-30KHS
Sigma 3-30KHS

Sigma 3-30KHS

Super-high speed with easy operation. With its patented one-button control and motorized lid lock, the Sigma 3-30KHS centrifuge is remarkably easy to use, and it offers a broad range of options. LED illumination, a choice of six languages, a maximum RCF of 65,000 x g and pleasantly low-noise operation are the factors that make this centrifuge so unique. The Sigma 3-30KHS additionally features integrated heating. It can also be operated with inert gas as an option.


max. speed [min-1]: 30.000
max. RCF [x g]:  65.403
max. capacity [ml]: 6 x 85 ml
Temperature setting range [°C]: -20 – +60
Programs: 60
Acceleration curves: 10 linear, 10 quadratic, 10 user
Deceleration curves: 10 linear, 10 quadratic, 10 user
Cycle counting: Yes

Type:  Centrifuge
Manufacturer:  Sigma-Centrifuges
Model:  3-30KS
Place:  022