Rigaku R-XAS
Rigaku R-XAS

Rigaku R-XAS

The R-XAS Looper X-ray absorption spectrometer is a versatile in-house instrument capable of performing XAS, XANES, and EXAFS measurements. This laboratory system enables these measurements to be made in-house without the need to travel to a synchrotron site.
The R-XAS Looper can be exploited for understanding the details of local structure in: glass, amorphous and liquid systems, solid solutions, doping and ionic implantation materials for electronics, local distortions of crystal lattices, organometallic compounds, metalloproteins, metal clusters, vibrational dynamics, ions in solutions and the speciation of elements.

-    The system uses a specially developed 3.0 kW X-ray generator with easily replaceable filaments and target materials to optimize X-ray flux for a wide range of elements.
-    A range of incident crystal types allows tuning of the incident X-ray beam energy such that elements form Ca to U can be measured.
-    Both transmission and fluorescence measurements are possible.
-    A complete data analysis package allowing background subtractions, least squares fitting of the data, Fourier transform analysis and Fourier filtering for single shell refinements, is included with the system.

Type:  X-ray Absorption Spectrometer
Manufacturer:  Rigaku, Japan
Model:  R-XAS Looper
Place:  008