CEM Mars 6
CEM Mars 6

CEM Mars 6

The MARS 6 (Microwave Accelerated Reaction System) is the sixth iteration of the most popular microwave digestion and microwave extraction system in the world. It can be configured for organic and inorganic synthesis with a variety of vessel choices and turntable options. Efficient microwave power delivery (programmable up to 1600 watts) and CEM's advanced, proprietary vessel designs ensure controllable, reproducible reactions up to 100 times faster than conventional thermal heating.


- Choose from simple CEM One Touch™ Technology or MARS Classic method programming
- PowerMAX™ power control technology delivers maximum energy to the sample for more complete digestions
- 1800 Watts – more power delivery than any other microwave digestion system
- Large wide-format, high-resolution, acid-resistant touchscreen – no external controllers needed
- Remarkably easy-to-use, intuitive onboard software
- Advanced sensor technology for vessel recognition, temperature and pressure control

Type:  Microwave
Manufacturer:  CEM Corporation, USA
Model:  Mars 6
Place:  023