CEM Discover SP
CEM Discover SP

CEM Discover SP

Discover SP is the only single-mode microwave synthesis system capable of also performing open vessel reactions using standard laboratory glassware and condensers. Discover SP accepts up to a 125-mL round-bottom flask and allows reagent addition and overhead stirring. It can be used with or without a reflux condenser. Temperature can be measured using either the built-in IR sensor or the optional Fiber Optic Temperature Control.


Heating: 2 – 6 °C/second
Temperature: 30 – 300 °C - IR measurement
80 – 300 °C - FO temperature measurement
Pressure: 0 – 30 bar
ActiVent™ technology for safe and automated vessel vent and reseal

Reflux Reactions: Accepts 5 – 125 mL size round bottom flask
Operating Volume: 0.2 – 25 mL (standard pressurized)
5 – 50 mL (80-mL pressurized)
0.2 – 75 mL (atmospheric)
Power: 0 – 300 W
Frequency: 2450 MHz

Reaction Agitation: Electromagnetic stirring with adjustable speeds
(Teflon® coated stir bars are suitable)
Air Cooling: ≥25 psi (20 L/min flow)
User-supplied for simultaneous cooling (PowerMAX™) and post-reaction quenching

System Control:  Synergy™ software and/or on-board key pad

Type:  Microwave
Manufacturer:  CEM Corporation, USA
Model:  Discover-SP
Place:  023