Bruker Vertex 70
Bruker Vertex 70

Bruker Vertex 70

The VERTEX 70 provides high performance FT-IR measurements for demanding analytical and R&D application. The innovative instrument design results in PEAK flexibility and PEAK performance. The fully digital FT-IR spectrometer features DigiTectTM technology based on parallel running dual-channel delta sigma ADC´s with 24-bit dynamic range, the ACR and AAR Automatic Components and Accessories Recognition as well as the BRAIN Bruker Artificial Intelligence Network which guarantees PEAK signal-to-noise ratio and reliable user friendly instrument operation.


- Near IR, visible and far IR/THz spectral range extensions
- Wide range MIR-FIR beamsplitter covering 6000 to 10 cm-1 in one step
- Wear-free RockSolidTM interferometer
- Remotely selectable up to 5 exit and 2 input beam ports
- Vacuum optics VERTEX 70v
- Easy beamsplitter change without active interferometer alignment
- Automated internal/external sources and detectors switching option
- DigiTectTM Parallel 2-channel 24-bit dynamic Range ADC
- Automatic optical components recognition

Type:  FTIR spectrometer
Manufacturer:  Bruker Corporation, Germany
Model:  Vertex 70
Place:  024