Berghof BR-100
Berghof BR-100

Berghof BR-100

The high pressure reactor is available in Stainless Steel SS 316Tl, Hastelloy C-4, or Stainless Steel SS 316Tl with a PTFE lining closed on all sides. The pressure reactor is locked with a quick-lock chain that is manually applied, without the need for tools. The pressure vessel is sealed by means of a conical flange lock and an O-ring made of PTFE, Viton®, or Kalrez®. The matching fittings sets are available in Stainless Steel SS 316Tl or in Hastelloy C-4.

Reactor capacity: 25 mL - 5.5 L
Materials: SS316TI, Hastelloy C-4, optionally
with PTFE lid lining and PTFE liners
Max. operating temperature: PTFE: 230°C (446°F), SS316TI:
300°C (572°F)
Max. operating pressure: 200 bar (2,900 psi)
Standard fittings: Rupture disc holder, Rupture
disc, gas valve
Options: gas or liquid sampling and liquid injections at
operating pressure, heating/cooling coil
Seals: FPM (e.g. Viton®), PTFE, FFKM (e.g. Kalrez®)
Connetcions 8 mm
Stirring: Magnetic stirring, magnetic coupling and different paddle shapes
Stirring speed: 0-2,000 rpm

Type:  Reactor
Manufacturer:  Berghof, Germany
Model:  BR-200
Place:  022