Hybrid nanocomposite materials based on metal-organic coordination polymers and iron oxide nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery

РНФ. 2019-2022. Адресная доставка лекарств
From 19.08.2019 till 30.06.2022
Grant holder: Vera Butova
Responsible: Mikhail Soldatov
Members: Ivan Gorban, Alexander Guda, Pavel Medvedev, Vladimir Polyakov
External members: Trushina D., Zolotukhin P.

The project aims to create nanocomposite containers for the targeted drug delivery based magnetic nanoparticles (MNFs), on metal-organic coordination polymers, functionalized with biologically active substances, and coated polymeric shells (PO). An important part of the project is the study of physical and chemical properties of nanocomposites and study of fundamental relationships between the structure and properties of nanocomposites. In the course of the project, synthesis optimisation will be carried out, a full-scale study of the structure, physico-chemical and biological properties of nanocomposite containers will be carried out at a number of stages of their creation. The experimental results will be supplemented by theoretical calculations. As a result of the project, valuable information will be obtained on how nanocomposite containers based on the MOFs affect the operation of multifunctional signaling cascades and cascades that determine the development of drug resistance - such properties in such agents may be unique. In addition, synthesized nanocontainers should provide a prolonged and controlled by magnetic field release of loaded substances.