Universal nanocomposites for X-ray photodynamic therapy of superficial and deep-seated tumors

From 01.10.2020 till 01.10.2022
Grant holder: Alexander Soldatov
Responsible: Elena Kuchma

Photodynamic therapy has become one of the important methods of treating a number of types of oncological tumors with superficial localization, however, this technique cannot be applied to deeply located tumors. For the first time in world practice, the possibility of developing a universal nanocomposite for X-ray photodynamic therapy of deep and superficial tumors will be tested. To solve this problem, the use of X-rays as an energy source for the photodynamic effect is proposed. Currently, there are no biocompatible photosensitizers for the X-ray range for the photodynamic therapy of both superficial and deep tumors (which occur, for example, in the case of melanoma with metastasis). Therefore, the goal of this project is to study the possibilities of nanotechnology for creating biocompatible nanocomposites based on nanostructured X-ray phosphors, which absorb X-rays and emit photons in the optical range for nanostructured photosensitizers. Within the framework of this project, it is proposed to combine modern techniques for the design and research of a new class of active nanostructured materials that provide access to the implementation of X-ray induced photodynamic therapy for the simultaneous treatment of superficial and deep forms of tumors.