Haldor Topsoe PhD Scholarship

Haldor Topsoe PhD Scholarship

Congratulations to Alina Skorynina, the winner of Haldor Tospoe Program 2020.


Haldor Topsoe A/S is the global leader in catalysis. It was founded in 1940 by chemist and engineer Haldor Topsoe. In 1996, he established a scholarship program to support young scientists conducting research in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. The winners are chosen by an international jury, which includes world-recognized scientists. The applications are evaluated according to the degree of scientific significance and novelty of the work.

This year, our PhD Student Alina Skorynina got the highest rank from the international review committee. Her research was mainly performed in frame of the grant «Synthesis and operando characterization of new catalysts based on metal-organic frameworks functionalized by palladium and platinum» and will be continued within the grant 20-43-01015 «Rational design of Pd-catalysts for C-H activation and Ru-catalysts for C=O hydrogenation: from operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy identification of metal complexes to multi-technique machine learning-based characterization».

This is a great honor for us, that the advances in the field of catalysis made in our institute are so highly recognized. In 2016-2019 Aram Bugaev, Ilia Pankin & Oleg Usoltsev were also awarded by this scholarship.