Как подключиться к sfedu-mits wifi

How to connect to sfedu-mits wifi

1) Enter in the search "Control Panel"
2) Open the proposed application, as in the picture
3) Follow the link "Network and Internet"

4) Select "Network and Sharing Center"

5) Select "Create and configure a new network connection"

6) Select "Manually Connect to a Wireless Network"

7) Enter the network name "sfedu-mits"
8) Connection type WPA2-Enterprise
9) Click "Next"

10) Click "Change Connection Settings"
11) Click "Options"
12) Uncheck "Verify server identity with certificate verification"
13) Click the "Configure" button
14) Uncheck "Use automatically login and password from Windows"
15-17) Click "OK"

18) Select the network "sfedu-mits" in the list of available connections and click "Connect"
19) Enter the login and password for sfedu mail. Clarification, if your mail is in the sfedu domain: user_sfedu@sfedu.ru, then the username: user_sfedu
20) Click "OK"