Research Projects



FitIt is a new approach to fit spectra using multidimensional interpolation approximation. FitIt allows obtaining information about the local atomic structure from XANES spectra.

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X-ray absorption spectroscopy

X-ray absorption spectroscopy for 3D atomic and electronic structures of materials with and without long-range order: nanoparticles, molecules, biological systems, etc.

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Многомасштабное компьютерное моделирование

Multiscale computer modeling of atomic structure and electronic properties of nanomaterials

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Метал-органические каркасные структуры

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) represent a new class of crystalline materials with extremely high pore volume and specific surface area. MOFs have a great variety of potential applications.

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Нанокатализаторы палладия

Palladium-based nanomaterials for catalytic applications. In situ, operando and time-resolved studies using synchotron-based techniques.

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Коллоидные полупроводниковые квантовые точки

Three-dimensionally confined semiconductor quantum dots with unique physical and chemical properties for application in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine

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