Design of hybrid materials based on three-dimensional metal-organic frameworks and photochromic compounds of various structures

РФФИ. МК. 2018-2021
From 05.07.2018 10:44:00 till 05.07.2021 10:44:00
Grant holder: Alexander Soldatov
Responsible: Vera Butova
Members: Victor Shapovalov, Ilia Pankin, Vera Butova
External members: Chernyshev A.V., Starikov A.G., Ozhogin I.V., Muhanov E.L.

In the course of the project, a new multidisciplinary "full cycle" methodology will be
developed (including supercomputer DFT modeling, several types of chemical synthesis and physical methods for precise non-destructive nanocharacterization of 3D local atomic and electronic structure parameters using synchrotron radiation sources) to solve the problems of chemical construction of novel hybrid materials based on metal-organic frameworks (MOF) containing spiropyran molecules. On the basis of the developed methodology, a synthesis and a detailed characterization of the local atomic and electronic structure parameters of three novel types of advanced photoactive MOF will be performed, in which: 1) the photoactive molecules
of spiropyrans are located inside the defective cavities and bind to the metal centers of MOF, 2) photoactive molecules of spiropyrans are introduced into the initial (non-photoconductive) MOF, and 3) the molecules of spiropyrans play the role of linkers inside MOF.