Catalytyc tests and measurements SuperXAS@SLS

Catalytyc tests and measurements SuperXAS@SLS

From 27.08.2018 till 23.10.2018

In the framework of cooperation with The Smart Materials Research Insitute and Paul Scherrer Institute (Villigen, Switzerland) on the project "Operando X-ray spectroscopy characterization of nanocatalysts for industrial applications":

Participated in the synchrotron experiment on the Super XAS beamline related with the measurement of X-ray absorption spectra of XANES and the IR absorption spectra of the gas phase during the ethanol oxidation reaction on V2O5 / CeO2 and V2O5 / TiO2 catalysts;

Experiments were carried out to obtain X-ray photoelectron spectra and XANES spectra for Pt / Sn0.5Ce0.5O2 catalysts;
The IR spectra of the gas phase of the reference samples were measured, and a series of experiments were carried out using a mass spectrometer to study the activity of the Pd @ CeO2 and Pt / Sn0.5Ce0.5O2 catalysts in the CO oxidation reaction;

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