PostDoc Positions Open

PostDoc Positions Open

Open research positions at at the Smart Materials Research Institute of the Southern Federal University


Take an opportunity to join the leading research group in the field of functional nanomaterials, their operando characterization and advanced computer modelling headed by Prof. Alexander Soldatovt! The candidate should hold PhD in Chemistry, Physics, or related field. The research project can be related to the synthesis and characterization of functional materials, nanomaterials, porous materials, catalysts, metal-organic frameworks, nanomaterials for biomedical applications, microfluidics, as well as to theoretical methods for X-ray absorption spectroscopy, bid data analysis and machine learning for materials science, quantum chemistry calculation of atomic and electronic structure of materials.

The full list of ongoing projects can be found at

Requirements and conditions. 

Degree: PhD or similar (inc. Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science for Russian applicants)

Salary: 100 000 RUB/month

Age below 35 y.o.

Duration of contract: 1-3 years

Fields of expertise:

- Homogenous and heterogenous catalysis, including photocatalysis for green chemistry.
- Microfluidic systems for synthesis and testing of metal nanoparticles, metal-organic frameworks and hybrid materials for applications in catalysis and waste water purification. 
- Machine learning and automatization for optimizing the synthesis and finding the optimal working parameters of functional materials.
- High Performance Parallel Computing on CPU and GPU for materials science.
-Electrochemistry for nanoparticle synthesis and energy applications
- Organs-on-chip and cell studies in microfluidic systems

For more details please send your CV to Yulia Plyakova.