Master program "Nanoscale structure of materials"

We are pleased to invite you to apply for the master program "Nanoscale Structure of Materials"!


Master program "Nanoscale structure of materials" is an interdisciplinary program combining physics, chemistry and materials science. The program is aimed to grow high-level specialists, able to perform scientific investigation on the modern experimental equipment and "mega-science" facilities: synchrotron sources and X-ray free electron lasers. The program has international certificate of Accreditation (AQUIN European Agency) and includes intense language training. Being a partner institution of the European master program MaMaSELF, we offer an internship program during the preparation of the Master thesis. The educational technology are based on the “leaning-by-doing” principle, where practical part plays the key role in the learning process. A number of courses involve participation of world leading scientists in the field of material science: prof. Vladimir Dmitriev (ESRF, Grenoble), prof. Carlo Lamberti (University of Turin, Italy), Dr. Pieter Glatzel (ESRF, Grenoble), Dr. Grigory Smolentsev (Swiss Light Source, Villigen), Prof. Oleg Farberovich (Tel Aviv University, Israel). 

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We offer:

  • modern educational courses supervised by the leading scientists in physics, chemistry and computer modelling 

  • internships in the biggest scientific centers and Mega-Science facilities

  • laboratory and computational trainings using the state-of-the-art equipment

  • participation in real scientific projects in the Smart Materials Research Center

  • participation in the international schools and conferences

  • opportunities to obtain additional scholarships

  • possibility to continue your scientific career in our research center and in the world leading institutions, including Mega-Science facilities

To become a part of our team you can:

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Person in charge of master program:

Dr. Antonina N. Kravtsova