Smart Materials and Mega-scale Research Facilities

Our Institute organizes International scientific school “Smart Materials and Mega-scale Research Facilities" on April 1st, 2019.


This school and the seminar is aimed to attract young scientists, graduate students and students in the field of computer-aided design of nano-objects, advanced methods for the synthesis of nanostructures, as well as modern diagnostic methods for presenting and discussing the results of their research.

The seminar will start April 1st, at 2 pm at the physics department (room 012).

Программа мероприятия:

1. Aram L. Bugaev, Senior Researcher, PhD. “Computer modeling, synthesis and operando characterization of nanocatalysts”. Introductory lecture.

2. Andrea Martini, PhD student. “Multivariate techniques for spectroscopic data analysis”.

3. Abdelaziz Mohamed, PhD student. “Theoretical and experimental study for LixCoPO4, NaxCoPO4 and the mixture LixNayCoPO4”.

4. Bilal Al-Jaf, Master student. “Catalytic hydrogenation of acetylene over Pd: DFT and FTIR study”.

5. Mikhail V. Kirichkov, PhD student. “A room-temperature synthesis and investigation of the gold nanoparticles synthesis on HKUST-1”.

6. Victor V. Shapovalov, PhD student. “Operando XAS and XRD synchrotron studies of mixed d-metal olivine cathode materials for Li-ion batteries”.

7. Alina A. Skorynina, PhD student. “Dynamic structural changes of functionalized UiO-67 MOFs during activation process”.

8. Aleksandra G. Shestakova, Master student. “Phosphates as a cathode material”.

9. Li Zhengyou, Master student. “Synthesis of silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticles”.

10. Victor O. Dmitriev, Master student. “Heating efficiency of mixed ferrite nanoparticles (MnxZn1-xFe2O4)”.

11. Elena A. Kuchma, PhD student.Properties of magnetic nanoparticles for theranostics in oncology”.

Everyone is welcome for the discussion!