Joint KU Leuven-SFedU seminar

A joint online seminar on rational design of Pd- and Ru-based catalysts was held with colleagues from KU Leuven (Belgium).


Online meeting organized in MS Teams with more than 40 participants from Russian and Belgian sides was devoted to the joint RSF-FWO project "Rational design of Pd-catalysts for C-H activation and Ru-catalysts for C=O hydrogenation: from operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy identification of metal complexes to multi-technique machine learning-based characterization".
PhD students from KU Leuven Niels Van Velthoven and Kwinten Janssens reported on the progress in synthesis and characterization of S,O-functionalized metal-organic frameworks and TiOP supports as heterogeneous single-site catalysts for the oxidative alkenylation of arenes via C-H activation and Ru-based catalysts in phosphonium ionic liquids for selective production of olefins from biobased sugars. Master student Elizaveta Kozyr showed the recent progress in machine learning algorithms applied for the analysis of XANES spectra of the Ru-catalysts. Vera Butova gave an overview of the synthesis of Pd-based MOFs and novel molecular complexes performed at SFedU.