Haldor Tospoe PhD Scholarship Winners

Oleg Usoltsev won the Haldor Topsoe PhD Grant, Alina Skorynina got the special prize


On May 27, 2019, the Haldor Topsoe Moscow office hosted the traditional award ceremony for PhD students who have shown outstanding results in catalysis research. The ceremony was attended by Danish Ambassador in Russia, Carsten Sendergord, Managing Director of the Moscow office of Haldor Topsoe, Peter Wang Christensen, and the coordinator of the PhD Scholarship Program, Prof. Alexander Yu. Stakheev.

Our PhD student Oleg Usoltsev got the highest score according to the evaluation by the international review panel received a personal grant, which includes a monthly scholarship of € 300 for two years, a three-week internship at Haldor Topsoe laboratories in Denmark, and full financial support for participating in an international conference in Europe. Oleg's research on the topic “Dynamics of the atomic and electronic structure of nanoparticles of noble metals during catalytic reactions” is carried out within the framework of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation MK-2554.2019.2 “Novel palladium-based catalysts for petrochemical industry: synthesis and characterization under relevant industrial conditions” (Supervisor: Aram L. Bugaev).

In addition, Alina Skorynina received a special award "For Theoretical Significance". The study of Alina is carried out within the framework of the RSF Grant No. 18-73-00189 “Synthesis and operando characterization of new catalysts based on metal-organic frameworks functionalized by palladium and platinum” (Supervisor: Aram L. Bugaev).


After the official part, a scientific seminar was organized, where lectures were given by Lynn Sommer, Director of Materials Research and Development in the field of materials science at Haldor Topsoe Refining Department and head. Laboratory of Kinetics and Catalysis, Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor. Ivanova Irina Igorevna. Oleg Usoltsev, Alina Skorynina and Aram L. Bugaev presented posters with an overview of their research.

Haldor Topsoe A/S is the global leader in catalysis. It was founded in 1940 by chemist and engineer Haldor Topsoe. In 1996, he established a scholarship program to support young scientists conducting research in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. The winners are chosen by an international jury, which includes world-recognized scientists. The applications are evaluated according to the degree of scientific significance and novelty of the work.