Совместный семинар с KU Leuven


Joint KU Leuven - SFedU seminar "Rational design of Pd- and Ru-based catalysts"

11-00. General introduction on the activities of Prof. Dirk E. de Vos group

11-15. Niels Van Velthoven. S,O-Functionalized Metal-Organic Frameworks as Heterogeneous Single-Site Catalysts for the Oxidative Alkenylation of Arenes via C-H activation.

11-40. Kwinten Janssens. Olefins from Biobased Sugar Alcohols via Selective, Ru-mediated reaction in Catalytic Phosphonium Ionic Liquids.

12-05. Elizaveta Kozyr. Machine-learning based analysis of XAS spectra of Ru complexes.

12-25. Vera Butova. Synthesis of Pd-based MOFs and novel molecular complexes.


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