SFedU represents Russia in EuSpec

Smart Materials Research Centre represents Russia in a large-scale EuSpec Project that unites 27 European countries, Russia and Japan.


The participation of Russia in a large-scale European Project, EuSpec, uniting 27 European countries, Russia and Japan, is being coordinated by the Southern Federal University. The implementation of this project is based on the European Programme under the title COST (which stands for cooperation in science and technology).

The main goal of the Programme is the development of theoretical methods to analyze spectral properties of novel promising materials (including smart materials). The choice of SFedU as a coordinator from Russian side confirms the well-known international authority of the Rostov School of X-ray Spectroscopy.

Prof. Alexander Soldatov, a member of the Project Managing Committee of the EuSpec Project, Director of IRC “Smart Materials”, SFedU, took part in the Committee meeting held in Athens, February13-14, 2017, and gave a talk on the current research in X-ray Spectroscopy conducted by the scientists from Rostov-on-Don.