Summer School in Hamburg

Liza Kamyshova participated in DESY Summer Student Program 2018


Our bachelor student Liza Kamyshova has been selected for participation in DESY Summer Student Program 2018, held in DESY (Hamburg, Germany) from July 17 июля till September 6.
DESY Summer Student Program 2018 is a unique opportunity for students who are about to obtain their Bachelor degree or are within the first year of studies for a Master degree to learn about syncrotron radiation sources and X-ray free electron lasers. The program includes not only the lectures and practical courses, but also day-to-day research work in one of the DESY Laboratories. DESY site hosts the world-largest synchrotron - PETRA-III, and the world-largest X-ray free electron laser - European XFEL. This year, DESY Summer School had participants from more than 30 different countries. All living and travel expenses were covered by DESY.

Liza Kamyshova does her research in the Smart Materials Institute in frame of the Russian Science Foundation Grant "Synthesis and operando characterization of new catalysts based on metal-organic frameworks functionalized by palladium and platinum" (project No. 18-73-00189). During the DESY Summer Student Program she investigated solar cell materials by XRF, XBIC and XANES in the group of Dr. Michael Stuckelberger.