Congratulation to Aram Bugaev

Aram Bugaev was awarded the prize for best poster at the ESRF User Meeting 2017.


Aram Bugaev’s poster presents work carried out during his ongoing PhD studies. “We investigated the structure of very small nano-particles with a combination of the techniques available at BM01  the Swiss Norwegian Beamline. We found that, although the metal is the same, the shell and the core of the particle have a different structure”, he said. The results of this work confirm the theoretical predictions and constitute the first experimental evidence of how core-shell structure can exist even in a nano-particle.

“I’m especially pleased that the title of the work and the poster are the same as the title of the initial proposal submitted for my PhD two years ago. I’ve finally managed to do what was planned!” laughs Aram. Indeed, in the last two years, he has published three independent pieces of work that do not relate to the original proposal. “Science is motion and it can’t be programmed. Sometimes you have to turn around and find another way. That’s what makes it interesting. We were interpreting results  along the way, and we discovered things we’d never expected to find.”