Master program "Nanoscale structure of materials"

University Campus

All master students are hosted in the dormitory of the Southern Federal University Campus. The dormitory was built in 2013 and has an apartment-like structure. It is located in 10 minute walking distance from the Smart Materials laboratories.

Research activities

The Smart Materials Research Institute is a place for young and creative researchers, who are motivated to rich their scientific goals. Every year we organize the International School for Young researchers IWSN, where the world-leading scientists give lectures and workshops in the field of material science. Our students are regular participants of international schools and conferences. All members of our teams starting from bachelor students are welcome to join real research project with full access to the laboratory equipment and possibility to perform experiments at large scale facilities. 

Living expenses

The dormitory costs 1800 rub/month (~$30). Pre-paid mobile phone contracts are $5-10/month. Food expenses may vary from 100 to 200 $ per person per month. Travel within the city is normally within $20-50.

Outdoor activities

In the campus area students have access to soccer field, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts,Olympic-size swimming pool "Meridian", gym, marital arts hall, chess club, etc.